Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Junior Girl Scout Pet Care Badge (and a bird is going to poop on my head!!)

For my birthday I also got a gift card from my teacher at church. So one day I went to Target and bought a camera case.

I took it on my G.S. field trip to the pet store . And took pictures of my friends.

Here are some more.

And when I went in I got to hold some parrots

Here it is kissing me.

And here is my other friend Amanda getting a kiss from the parrot.

Here is a parrot on my head. I was afraid it was going to poop. (We saw it poop on the was disgusting. I did not want poop in my hair)

Here is the same parrot on Amanda's head. This kind of parrot is called an African Grey Parrot.

After the pet store we went to Chik Fil'A for some ICE CREAM!

This is "Oreo". She is my friend too.
And this is Danya ( Cuckoo Bird) and Amanda (Pom Pom's). And this is the end.

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