Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome to My Blog!!

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 9 and my parents gave me a camera. My mom put it together and today she said I could make a blog. So here it is..........I am going to 4Th grade and I am so nervous about school...if I get "F's" I will freak!!!!! Of course I am going to have the same awesome teacher Mrs.Torres, and the same classmates (they're awesome, too). When I go to school I hope it will be easy, and I hope I'll get A's and B's. As you all know I have school tomorrow I am going to wear a red shirt and a pair of capri's with some jewelry, and my new pair of shoes.I hope I will have a awesome time.

This is the first "self portrait" I took. I am sunburned from my party!! I am really excited about taking pictures with my new camera. Here are the first pictures that I took...

My friend Kyeli...we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner...

This is the shirt she bought me for my birthday

This is my crazy little sister and her model pose

And my big brother, Joseph

And my crazy little brother, Brigham

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